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Many businesses have large archives of documents that they need to retain, either for compliance reasons or because there is still value in that information. You may not require the information regularly, but it has to be there when you need it.

But as your business matures, the paper your organisation produces becomes harder to manage as the volume grows and it has to be accommodated in expensive office space or odd corners such as basements.

Archive storage for documents is a service which allows you to clear out those documents that you don’t need regularly but still have to keep hold of. The bulk of that filing system which is sitting unused and getting steadily harder to navigate can be logged and relocated to a document storage facility where you know it is safely, securely stored for the long-term. So it will be there when you need it, but not under your feet when you don’t.

How can off-site storage benefit your business?

As compliance requirements around businesses become ever-tighter the need for good document management increases. You need to make sure you are ready with the documentation you need for external audits, as well as preserving any business information you may require in the future.

Keeping all your records in your office may seem like the natural choice – they are nearby, easy to access and protected from the outside world.

However, the reality of keeping documents in-house is that they take up valuable space in expensive real estate, are often squeezed into hard-to-navigate available corners, and frequently end up cluttering up space. Storing in-house is also not as secure as you might think – a lot of people come and go in most offices, and you don’t always know who’s had access to what.

Offsite Records Storage provides an instant solution to all of these problems, from space to real estate cost to security.

Electronic information management

If you’re swamped with paperwork and want a secure way of storing your information so it’s accessible to you at any time, then electronic information management is for you. To offer our customers the latest technology and the peace of mind in knowing that their data is secure we have partnered with Hershey UK, a leading document management solution.

Electronic information management provides you with the strategies, methods and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver content and documents related to key organisational processes.

EIM is an organised system that methodically processes, stores and recovers documents and the data within them quickly and efficiently.

To discuss your archiving needs and request a quote please email