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Ergonomic Fitted Chair Service

It is estimated that at least 9.3 million working days are lost in the UK each year as a direct result of work related physical conditions such as back/neck pain, work related upper limb disorders. It’s a problem that is not only costing UK businesses millions of pounds in lost productivity but is also affecting the health and wellbeing of their work force.

We work closely with specialists in occupational health and ergonomics that provide a range of services to help employers ensure their work force are fit and able. Having a chair that supports the user correctly and comfortably while also being aesthetically pleasing is an important factor in reducing aggravation of back/neck related illness.

As every person is different and each user has their own unique demands, it’s important for a chair to meet these unique demands.

Our flexible and customisable range of seating and services aims to meet these demands by assessing the users’ requirements and then providing a chair that will provide the adequate support and comfort needed.

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Ergonomic Fitted Chair Service