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Free Audit

Free Audit

Get a free no obligation spend audit and start saving money now

Is it possible that you’re paying too much for your office supplies? Why not find out with our free no obligation spend audit and start saving today.

With a wide variety of products, non-comparable quotes and the uncertainty of how much you really consume, the procurement of office supplies can be a complex challenge.

We believe in honesty and transparency and we’re confident that our free audit service will allow you to instantly start saving on your office consumables spend.

For more information and to request a free audit please contact

What the audit will examine

Identify your Core Products
Do you know what your consumables spend is? We can identify key areas where you can achieve savings.
Simplify Purchasing Habits
You could make significant cost savings by consolidating your purchasing to SOS Office and receiving one monthly invoice. Bulk items can be ordered and delivered through a bulk purchasing system that simplifies daily invoice routines and achieves aggregated discount.
Target Hardware Improvements
Expensive supplies for copiers and printers could be inflating your consumables spend. We can identify these machines and suggest alternatives.
Supplies Rationalisation
Are you ordering the most cost effective products?
Branded… Wholesaler Brand….Buying Group brand…Contract Range…
We can guide you through the maze making the most cost-effective choices for your business.