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Furniture install & space planning with a smile

From our strategic location on the outskirts of London you´ll find SOS Office, a company who have been supplying office furniture to every corner of the UK for over 40 years.

Want a simple entry level desk, perhaps Call Centre clusters or a boardroom table to seat a dozen or more? Then you´ve come to the right site.

When our team of Space planners consult with you, our only aim is to make sure we provide the look, the feel and the environment you seek with a no compromise approach.

Our focus is on providing unapparelled value for money without sacrificing quality or service. And our friendly team of experienced installers means that your experience with us is enjoyable from start to finish.

All of our desk ranges can be configured to provide both collaborative and individual workspaces.

Our products range from traditional, through to easy to assemble and reconfigure benching systems, ensuring  co-worker collaboration and improvement in workflow and overall productivity, and  if any of your staff suffer from back issues, and many suffer in silence, we have the answers with our ergonomic and orthopaedic seating solutions.

Our height adjustable desking enables workers to enjoy the health and posture benefits of being able to alter their working dynamics and thereby improve wellbeing.

Our seating ranges provide superior comfort and adjustability, be it a low-cost operator chair though to an executive choice all with an array of styles, finishes and colours all with the aim of enhancing the work or learning environment.

And once you are pleased with the advice, guidance and product choices we provide your ideas and vision  are brought together  with our 2D or 3D CAD which allow you to visualise your new work area, 

So to recap:   Open plan work spaces, Collaborative zones, meeting rooms, acoustic office cubicles, reception furniture and storage solutions, please ask us, we´ll hold your hand through the process and make it fun and satisfying .


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Here are just some examples of the types of furniture solutions we can provide